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The beauty of Wicker Furniture

Wicker is a type of furniture that has been used for centuries. Today, the heavy use of metal materials in modern-day cities makes it difficult to see much natural beauty left. For those who seek comfort and relaxation outside the house, wicker dining chairs and patio furniture are ideal options.

Using wicker furniture indoors provides unparalleled beauty, comfort and peace of mind. Whether you use it in your living room for a comfortable place to read a book or as bedroom decor, the sheer elegance of wicker is hard to beat.

Its use for indoor decoration has been growing steadily in popularity over the last decade. Since wicker is a natural material, it provides an appealing look and feel while enhancing air quality at the same time.

An extension of the beauty and organic flow of nature, Kam Ce Kam’s furniture is handcrafted from natural materials such as rattan and wicker with a modern twist that is both elegant and functional. The result: simply stunning pieces that give new meaning to the term “organic design”

“As a designer, I reinterpret natural textures and forms to create something new. My approach is more conceptual than literal,” explains Kam Ce Kam . “Within this context, furniture becomes an extension of the human body.”

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