Founded in 2019, Kam Ce Kam is a furniture and interiors brand born from a passion for innovative design conceived through traditional methods of manufacturing.

From the material to the making, the story is one of passion and integrity, coupled with a genuine desire to revive the heritage of Indian craft; in a considered, conscious and contemporary manner.

The furniture and accessories are all inspired by a component of traditional craft whilst telling the story of the maker and the materials used. Beginning with the skilled history behind the artisan, the designs incorporate age-old techniques such as cane weaving and stone carving. It continues onto the materials where timber, stone, leather and cane are organically fused with seat pads filled with coir and table-tops created from marble offcuts.

A conscious drive to utilise natural and sustainably sourced materials to create the furniture and accessories, lies at the heart of Kam Ce Kam’s production. Visually, the pieces respond to pieces seen in the colonial era, adapted to suit today’s contemporary lifestyle. It is a perfect medley of the cultures of India and Britain, being brought to life in the 21st century.

“It is our responsibility to uplift craftspeople in the development of consciously manufactured pieces, pairing it with honest materials and cutting-edge design.”

Founder of the brand, Jehanara Knowles grew up between New Delhi, India and London, England, fuelling her passion for the fusion of tradition in her early years. Surrounded by a family of designers, Jehanara began learning various aspects of the industry from a young age, from the design process, manufacturing and logistics. 

After studying architecture at London’s prestigious Central St Martins, Jehanara spent the first few years of her career working in architecture and interior design. 

Whilst working in architecture and interiors, she saw a gap in the market for contemporary, handcrafted furniture which is where Kam Ce Kam was born.

Kam ce Kam
Kam ce Kam

Kam Ce Kam is all about celebrating the resource of craft and materials in India.

Indian materiality with a contemporary design ideology, the furniture and accessories in this collection are a celebration of a local craft or material revitalised through a modern aesthetic.

‘At the very least’ we are developing a way for people to visualise possibility in crafts which are rooted in the history of traditional culture; hand carved solid timber, carefully moulded marble, brass, stitched leather, hand-made ceramics  and intricate weaves are the starting point for the pieces in this collection.

Kam ce Kam
Kam ce Kam
Kam ce Kam

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